Amelie (am22) wrote in laura_linney,

Laura forums

Hey everyone, this is Amelie, the webmaster of

I just wanted to point out that the site now has a new forum. So far there's much activity going on, but if you like forums, please feel free to join. :)

What's more: as I'm not much of an icon-maker myself, but really need some avatars for the forums, I thought LJ would be the place to ask if anybody wants to create some icons (up to 100x100px), or maybe already has made some avatars and is willing to share them with our forum members.

If you do, please click here to see how to contact me. (Also, you can let me know if you want your stuff to be displayed in our fanart section as well.)

Anyway, any visits to the forums or avatar donations would be much appreciated! :)

Happy holidays to you all!
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