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Laura Linney Fan Club

All things Laura Linney!

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This is basically a community for anybody who loves the amazing actress Laura Linney. I was appalled when I found that there wasn't already an LJ community dedicated to her, so I created one myself.

There really aren't many rules, just the basics I suppose. No swearing or flaming or posting inappropriate content. Not only must you respect all of the other members, but you must also respect Laura Linney. She may be an actress, but she is a real person. And this is a community for people who like her. So.

Uh, you can post whatever you want, as long as it has to do with Laura. You can post fan fiction that includes a character she played on any TV show or movie or whatever, you can post icons (please do!), fan art, articles, news, pictures (I'll be doing some of that myself), and just basically anything Laura Linney-related.

Have fun!
--- your mod, Marita

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